It's very common lately to use the term "visualization", which has been degraded to mean simply the outcome of every 3d program. The result is usually a cold image, which even though is clearly displaying the materials, their duplication is quite apparent and there is difficulty in adapting them with the environment. And what really puzzles us is the choice of bad angles...

A 3d program by default helps the designer see the volumes, which is very important.
But when you hire a professional for a 3d design, then you are interested in the projection of your work.
You need angles that showcase the building; lighting that doesn't conceal the small surfaces e.g. risers, etc.); composition, even where the placing of trees, cars or people is concerned; atmosphere that isn’t simply placed but properly applied to the surroundings; architectural colors that go beyond the coldness of an automated computer program.

In short, you are interested in a perfect result, both technically and artistically.
our goal